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ennead: The Rule of Nine

Inside you’ll find everything you’d expect to see in epic or high fantasy, while looking through the eyes of a burgeoning medieval bounty hunter, a Queen born to lead but raised to abdicate her power, and a King deep in the throes of a decades long war.

It’s a graphic novel with a little of The Stormlight Archive’s world building, a touch of GRRM’s penchant for describing feasts and killing characters, that’s filled with psionic Elves that would give Stranger Thing’s Eleven a run for her money.

Ennead is a character driven story; wherein each protagonist works to define the future for themselves. As the story progresses, Amashik, the fictional world in which this epic tale is set, emerges as quite the antagonist itself. This vast, diverse, and classic fantasy world is made for traditional fans of the genre.

Philosophy, religion, and history are major anchor points in any society, fictional or otherwise. The Rule of Nine is a political system based on a simple philosophical belief:

As one’s power increases, their moral sensibilities decrease. Or as the colloquial saying goes “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Ennead is not just a story of swords and shields, Lords of Light and Bringers of Darkness. It’s a philosophical question; an expression of religiosity; a story of how society’s come to be; an answer, albeit subjective, to the question of whether or not peace is worth fighting for.

This isn’t your standard “gOOd v. evil” fantasy narrative

Everyone has their own justification for their actions. Some are motivated by hatred, others by compassion; some are manipulated by forces beyond their control. In the end, everyone in Ennead has their reasons.

You may not agree with them, they may not always align with your sense of morality, but they don’t have to. Nor should they.

Get ready for epic fantasy the way it’s meant to be experienced:

with a strong tether to reality.

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“Vibrant, exquisitly detailed and beautifully crafted, Ennead is a prime example of how epic fantasy can be successfully translated into and explored within the comic book medium.”

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